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Meet Our Team

At PIRG Campus Action, you’ll work alongside some of the best organizers in the country—people who have been doing this work for more than 30 years. Find out more about some of the people you’ll be working with.

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Andy MacDonald
National Campus Organizing Director

Andy started his career with CoPIRG in the summer of 1983, and later moved east to become an Organizing Director with MASSPIRG. During that time, he helped organize and run several environmental ballot initiatives, and helped pass groundbreaking legislation on toxics, acid rain, consumer protection and student rights. In 1999, Andy started, an organization which works to hold corporations accountable for the environmental impact of their businesses practices. In 2003, he moved into his current position as the National Campus Organizing Director, where he works with PIRG campus chapters across the country. When he's not training others to change the world, Andy is either training for marathons or training his young daughter to take on the Kenyans in the 2032 Olympics.

Margaret Howe

Margaret Howe
Assistant National Organizing Director

Margaret Howe is the Assistant National Organizing Director for PIRG Campus Action. Margaret’s finest achievement was working as the Assistant Organizing Director for CALPIRG when she oversaw campus organizers across the state and helped to run a field campaign that gathered 160,000 pledges from students to defeat Proposition 23, a ballot measure that would reverse California’s landmark global warming law. She also worked as the PIRG National Administrative Assistant for 3 years. When Margaret is not working, she is running in her Chicago running group.

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Dan Xie
Organizing Director, NJPIRG Student Chapters

As NJPIRG Student Chapters' organizing director, Dan oversees NJPIRG's campus organizers and works with student leaders to run successful campaigns. Prior to joining the NJPIRG team, Dan was the Assistant Organizing Director for CALPIRG Students based in Berkeley. She worked with students and organizers to stop student loan interest rates from doubling, to teach 30,000 kids about energy efficiency, and to pass more than 50 plastic bag bans in cities and counties across the state. She also oversaw eight campuses in Southern California to successfully defeat Proposition 23, the dirty oil proposition. Dan graduated from the University of California Davis in 2008 in Political Science and Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Dan likes to ride bikes and read pop science books.

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Sam Gibb
Organizing Director, MASSPIRG and CONNPIRG Student Chapters

Sam got her start as a campus organizer with WISPIRG at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked on campaigns to register 6,000 voters in Madison and 11,000 more in Massachusetts, as well as on campaigns to ban plastic bags in Los Angeles and to secure funding for High Speed Rail and local public transit projects. Sam is now the MASSPIRG Organizing Director and works with MASSPIRG staff across the state. Sam graduated from Lawrence University in 2008 with degrees in Psychology and International Relations. She enjoys singing karaoke (particularly Adele) and loves Christmas and birthday celebrations.

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Jenn Engstrom
Organizing Director, CALPIRG Student Chapters

Jenn oversees the CALPIRG organizers who are responsible for recruiting, training and developing student leaders to run successful campaigns. Prior to her current position, Jenn was the Organizing Director for OSPIRG Students for two years and the Program Director for CoPIRG’s Energy Service Program for two years before that. Jenn began her career with CALPIRG as a student intern in 2007. She served as the chapter chair for the CALPIRG Student’s UC Berkeley Chapter, where she coordinated a campaign to make textbooks more affordable and pass Prop 1A in California, creating the funds to build the nation’s first high speed rail network. Jenn likes hiking and long brunches.

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