Organizers getting ready to register students to vote in Florida for the New Voters Project.

Photo: Staff

Help Students Build A Brighter Future

From the Freedom Riders fighting for civil rights in the 1960s, to the students who helped launch the environmental movement, to the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980s and the fossil fuel divestment movement of today, students—past, present and future—are always pushing our communities, our country and our world forward.

That legacy fuels the Student PIRGs’ mission. We work to help students get energized and organized to keep building a better future.

Right now, PIRG campus chapters across the country are convincing colleges to commit to 100 percent renewable energy, saving the bees that pollinate our foods by banning the sale of bee-killing pesticides, and protecting our health by making sure big restaurants like McDonald’s stop buying meat from factory farms that overuse antibiotics—which is critical given the rise in antibiotic-resistant infections.

To do this, PIRG students are working to win hearts and minds on their college campus and beyond. We work with students to decide the strategies and tactics they’ll use to run campaigns that promote clean energy, public health, a stronger democracy and more.

We start by finding and recruiting the students who really care about the issues we’re working on. Next, we figure out which students will be good leaders and teach them how to organize and run a campaign. We make sure they have the skills they need so they can do everything from plan and run a press conference to organizing a huge event on campus.

And we make sure that all our individual efforts add up to meaningful change by setting concrete goals and holding people, including ourselves, accountable to achieving them. That could mean making sure we get 100 students to take photo petitions to send to a decision-maker, or registering thousands of new voters on campus. And when you combine those efforts at dozens of colleges across the country, each of those goals can add up to make a real impact.

We all want to live meaningful lives in a world that's greener and healthier. That's the future our campus organizers work to build every day. If you want to work with great people, gain real skills, and start making a difference on important issues right away, apply today.

Things To Know When You Apply

The Student PIRGs are part of The Public Interest Network. We're a group of organizations working to address problems our society can’t afford to ignore—from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water and a livable climate; to transforming vast systems of transportation and energy that were designed to meet the needs of a different century; to growing and distributing food in ways that won’t destroy the environment and threaten human health.

Throughout The Public Interest Network, we believe that a clear vision, commonsense ideas, a fact-driven case for action, and the power of bringing people together are the necessary ingredients to any successful effort to solve society's problems. We share a set of core values and a strategic approach to making positive change. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.

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