MASSPIRG Organizers spoke out in support of pushing the Bay State to commit to 100 percent renewable energy.

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Work on Critical Issues to Shape Our Future

As an organizer with PIRG Campus Action, you’ll work with students to make a difference on important issues facing your community and your country. Take a look at some of our current priorities.

100% Renewable Energy

We can’t wait any longer for serious action on climate change — the time is now for America to realize its potential to achieve 100% renewable energy. And campuses, with their resources, their ideas, their idealism and their energy, are the perfect places to lead the way on renewables. That’s why we’re working to establish carbon-free campuses across the country.

No Bees, No Food

We rely on bees to pollinate our food. Yet we’re allowing the use of bee-killing pesticides to drive them toward extinction. How does that make any sense? With PIRG Campus Action, you’ll organizing students — not just in classrooms, but in dining halls all across the country — to pass state and local legislation to ban these toxic pesticides, and get our campuses to go 'Bee Friendly.'

Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics

The overuse of antibiotics puts millions of lives at risk. Yet 70 percent of medically important antibiotics sold in the U.S. are for livestock and poultry — and are often given when they aren’t even sick. As an organizer, you’ll help our efforts to pass laws in states across the country to ban the routine use of our life-saving medicines on healthy animals.

New Voters Project

If we want politicians to pay attention to us and the issues we care about, we need to make sure as many young people as possible are registered to vote. And when Election Day comes around, we have to turn out the youth vote and make lawmakers pay attention. So we’re speaking in classes and storming dorms across the country to register tens of thousands of young voters, and make sure they vote on Election Day.

Democracy for the People

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision defined corporations as people, and equated money with speech. We don’t think that makes any sense, so we’re putting regular voters back in the driver’s seat of our democracy by increasing the influence of small donors in elections, overturning Citizens United, and modernizing our elections.

Make Textbooks Affordable

College is already too expensive. Why are millions of students forced to pay hundreds of dollars a semester for brand new textbooks, especially when there are cheaper, smarter alternatives? We’re working to make sure students have access to these other options — at an affordable price.

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